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MultiCopy Colour Laser

As MultiCopy is renewed, the focus is squarely on what’s best for nature and for the office.

MultiCopy is known as a reliable paper that works in all types of office machine, and for every type of printing jobs such as reports, brochures and external communications, and is ideally suited for all sorts of images, graphs and graphic designs.


MultiCopy Colour Laser has an extremely smoothsurface, which accentuates even the palest shades and gives perfect sharpness and clarity.


ColorLok, a colourful innovation

MultiCopy has gained yet another label in the form of the newly established ColorLok. Only papers which pass comprehensive tests in inkjet and laser printers and photocopiers are permitted to carry the ColorLok label. For MultiCopy, which has long been able to boast about the fantastic quality of its printouts, the method of assessment is not entirely new.


Environmental information:

The paper mill is ISO 14001 certifi ed and EMAS registered
(the EU’s Eco Management and Audit Scheme)
MultiCopy Colour Laser carries the Nordic Swan
and EU Flower ecolabels
Elementary Chlorine Free – ECF
Mechanically and biologically degradable
100% recyclable


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